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Our basic product is a simple graphic, the size of a 2" x 3.5” Business Card!  12-years in development -- RIGOROUS “Trial and Error” produced a finished product that far outperforms all “Amateur-created FREEBIE Software Imitators” -- so you don’t have to go through a painful LEARNING CURVE!

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I wrote "Empowered Communication - C-Suite & Sales Edition" to start enticing corporations to train their executives and sales teams to learn to truly listen and to become aware of the filters we all listen and communicate through - our life experiences, our background, religion, family, education, etc... All of these represent filters through which each of us hears and interprets communication. Most of us do not understand our own filters let alone those of others. When we all reach this level of understanding peace will prevail.

This group shares the desire to improve communication on a personal, corporate and global scale to produce harmonious relationships leading ultimately to world peace.