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Are you ready to sharpen your mind,
And gain the edge you've long tried to find?
With our program so grand,
You’ll take a strong stand,
Supercharging your brain and your mind

We were designed for the United States Marine Corps to reduce war fighting casualties. Which we did by over 30%. Now available to the civilian population, Combat Brain Training trains your brain to make quality decisions in stressful situations. Most people hire me to make them better sales people, better leaders, better coaches, better athletes or to relieve symptoms from Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, stroke recovery and so much more. Along the way, they become better parents, better spouses/partners, better members of their communities.

For mega pitch parties, I have approval from the boss to offer our foundational training for $100- A $1,000 value, to the first five people who put - Let me on the Brain Train - in the chat.

Our new book, Hack Your Habits in 30 Minutes will be available in the next 30 days-

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What would it feel like to----

Tim 'Coach Papa' Stewart speaking at a local Memorial Day Service

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Happy Memorial Day


Inspiration vs Desperation


This is group to celebrate Combat Brain Training. CBT was developed by John Kennedy in the 2007 for the United States Marine Corps to reduce Warfighting Casualities, which it did. As an added bonus, Marines returning from deployment with traumatic brain injury, PTSD and other mental issues, had their recovery times cut in half! Join us to discover more about Combat Brain Training and how it can make you life better.