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Are you a published writer?
Imagine your book being seen by thousands on TV, heard on a podcast or a LIVE radio show, and your book racing up the bestselling chart.
Well, Author Assist can make that a reality.

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Needing graphic work done?
Kantas Media handles branding and logo design, website banners, social media graphics, character cards, and (RM) book covers.

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“Karina is wonderful and a delight to work with. I had requested a radio ad, book trailers and narration from Karina and she definitely delivers. Her work is phenomenal.!

"So I always feel comfortable going to her for advice, and would not hesitate to recommend her to other new authors."

"The day you find out about KK is the day you find out ALL you were missing as a book promoter. There is just so much knowledge in the area of marketing and promotion she can assist you with that you never even knew existed."

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Testimonials – AUTHOR ASSIST

Testimonials – AUTHOR ASSIST

I only had a vague idea about branding myself as a dystopian author. After a brainstorming session with Karina, she created an identity and brand for me that I wouldn't have ever considered. Karina is very easy to work with. She is very receptiv

If you have a dead book, Author Assist can resurrect it.
If you're ready to publish your debut novel or nonfiction book (which shows your authority), Author Assist can help you through every stage of the publishing process.
If you want to publish a book and have no idea how to do it, Author Assist will mentor you and be with you every step.
If your book needs visibility, Author Assist has the means.

Let Author Assist help you in this exciting journey.


Author Assist provides services to publishers, authors and unpublished writers.